Language and Special Training Department

Director: Assoc. Prof. Lyuben Dossev, PhD
тел.: (359 32) 601 464; 630 943

Forms of studying: - regular or extramural

Preliminary courses:
• language and special training for foreign citizens;
• candidate-students’ for Bulgarian citizens (one-year and short term ones during the spring holidays and for 20 days before the beginning of admission exams).

Postgraduate qualification:
• one-year specialization for music teachers;
• over qualification for acquisition of teacher capacity;
• individual specializations in music instruments and singing, chamber music, piano accompanying, brass-band conducting, etc.;
• specializations in methodics of solfeggio, music instruments and singing teaching;
• master classes;
• special computer training.


Candidate-students who are citizens of non-EC and EEA countries and apply for the following specialities: “Conducting”, “Musicology” and “Composition”, are taking on only the second-stage exams and Bulgarian language exam.

The Language and Special Training Department runs one-year special language training course for non-Bulgarian speaking candidates.