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During the period of its long development the Academy of Music and Dance Art – Plovdiv has been keeping regular contacts with Arts Institutions of higher education from various European countries. The Academy is in closer cooperation with Franz Liszt School of Music – Weimer, Germany, Gutenberg University – Mainz, Germany; "Stanislav Monjushko" Musical Academy – Gdansk, Poland; Gnesin Academy of Music – Moscow, Russia, "R. Korsakov" Musical Conservatory, Saint-Petersburg, Russia; Lithuanian Academy of Music – Vilnius, Lithuania; "G. Muzichesku" Institute of Arts – Kishinev, Moldova; "Uludag" University; - Bursa, Turkey, etc. A great number of conferences, symposiums, seminars, devoted to theoretical, pedagogical and performance issues have been organized, as well as to the celebrating of the anniversaries of eminent composers.

The Academy of Music and Dance – Plovdiv is a good partner of the cultural agencies of the European countries in Bulgaria. In cooperation with Goethe Institute, the British Council, the Czech Centre, Alliance-Francaise, it organizes numerous creative events, competitions, concerts, etc, held at the Academy and conducted by distinguished artists and pedagogues from all over the world.

The internationally renowned Female Chamber Choir, conducted by Prof. Krikor Chetinyan, The Academic Folk Choir, conducted by Prof. Vasilka Spasova, the Representative folklore orchestra, conducted by Prof. Milcho Vasilev have won the most prestigious awards from numerous competitions and festivals and they are welcome guests at all larger world stages. The bunch of prominent pedagogues at AMDFA – renowned musical, dance and fine arts artists would be the pride of any art institution of any college of arts in the world. The Academy of Music and Dance – Plovdiv is a member of the Association of the European Conservatories, Music Academies and Colleges of Music, it is also a regular member of the International Organization for Folklore Art of UNESCO.