Academic Folklore Ensemble

The Academic Folklore Ensemble of AMDFA – Plovdiv was established in 2000. Three formations are included therein, a folk choir and a dancing group. The performers included therein are young, all of them graduated from AMDFA, highly qualified, possessing exceptional qualities as artists.

The folk choir consists of 12 singers, who may sing in a polyphonic manner following the musical composition, as well as authentic songs (double and monophonic) from all the regions of Bulgaria. In the group there are singers with distinguished artistic qualities, possessing excellent timbre, range, individual style of singing, typical for the region of origin.

The Folk Orchestra consists of 7 musicians - performers of traditional Bulgarian folk instruments – kaval, bagpipe, fiddle, mandolin, contrabass and drum. Every one of them is а virtuoso of its instrument. They perform original music works and authentic melodies from all over Bulgaria.

The dancing group consists of 16 dancers – 8 women and 8 men, graduated by majoring in Bulgarian Folk Choreography at AMDFA. All of them are excellent performers of folk dances from all regions of Bulgaria.

Upon necessity, all of the three formations may be reduced in number of members according to the circumstances and necessity of it.

The ensemble is flexible, mobile, able to perform its show programs at different places – stages, restaurants, variety shows on the street, etc.

It is supplied with beautiful costumes and wide repertoire from author's music and dance performances, to authentic Bulgarian songs, instrumental pieces and dances.

Besides the Bulgarian-style program, the Academic Folklore Ensemble performs songs and dances of the nations as well, mostly from the Balkan countries – Turkey, Greece, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, etc. Upon requirement, Latin- American and modern ballet, waltz, tango, rumba, cha-cha and others may be performed.

The Academic Folklore Ensemble has recorded 3 DVDs and 6 CDs of own productions and it is honoured with prizes at many prestigious International Festivals /IFF/ and competitions.

Through its programmes, the Academic Folklore Ensemble at AMDFA may satisfy any requirements and suit everyone's palate according to the demands of the respective organization, establishment, advertising or impresario agency, etc.

Chief Artistic Director is Prof. Milcho Vasilev,
Choreographer is Stefan Yordanov.